Complementary programmes

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP)

While development of competent and well-trained manpower is essential for the industrial and, hence, the economic development of a country, it is the professionals (entrepreneurs) with an ability to look beyond the obvious, explore opportunities in the unknown, make decisions, take risks, while always persisting with their ambitions to charter their own paths that help in the convergence of many like and unlike interests, who really spur and accelerate the growth of nations both, socially and economically.

Therefore, this is one area of management education we strongly feel MBA aspirants need to be definitely sensitized about and given exposure to. We hope with our efforts to nurture and prepare business leaders for the future through our comprehensive and well-designed Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) that meets the requirements of budding entrepreneurs, our graduates will be better equipped to think laterally, take initiatives, and lead from the front in creating wealth for themselves as well as for many others, which would, in effect help address, to a good extent, the two main problems the country is faced with, poverty and unemployment.

The programme aims to develop in our MBA graduates entrepreneurial capabilities so that they acquire and exhibit the competence and aptitude for initiating, nurturing, and expanding enterprises. Every aspect that contributes in the creation of entrepreneurs such as information and opportunity seeking, risk and initiative taking, goal setting, strategizing, systematic planning, execution, and monitoring, persistence, commitment, perseverance, penchant for quality and efficiency, independence of thought and self-confidence, effective public relations and networking, etc., is given due attention during the course of the training programme. That besides, the students also are trained in corporate finance, business legislation, e-governance, and international marketing, and are taken through rigorous workshops in customer relationship management, technology and its impact on business communication and contemporary research in management science.