Research is an integral part of any academic institution. Therefore, in its endeavour to continuously contribute to the professional wealth of the country by constantly exploring, and working to improve the standards, procedures, curricula, and enrich the learning experience that will enable creation of market-ready managers who can think ahead of the times to align themselves with the dynamics of the business world, several research initiatives are proposed to be undertaken by HSM in the near future. This would complement the on-going efforts of the institution to stay in the top league, and to consolidate its position as a leading institution for management education.

Some of the areas that the HSM is deliberating to take up research on include:

  • Tendencies of new generation managers, and perspectives of all the management functions.
  • Mechanisms for creating recession-free and sustained markets.
  • Marketability of all the operations.
  • Inflation-free production and marketing techniques.
  • Contribution of virtual financing.
  • Societal financing to upgrade the social responsibility
  • Upgrading and updating the recovery management skills
  • 360 degrees of wealth management techniques.
  • Diversified financing and strategic adoptability management tools.
  • Eco-friendly management talents.