Student Development activities

Group Discussions (GD):

The significance of the ability to actively involve oneself in a group discussion by timely and effective contribution to the interaction cannot be emphasized anymore than it has already been. The importance of GDs extends beyond its branding as one of the criteria for selection into many top national and international B-Schools as well for breaking through in the elimination / selection process of many employers. Over and beyond these immediate benefits, what GDs do is showcase one’s overall personality traits and strengths such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, motivational skills, team-building skills, tolerance, clarity over ambiguity, divergent thinking, listening skills, presentation skills, and analytical / logical skills.

Therefore, it's important to assess one’s current strengths and weaknesses in all these areas and accordingly put efforts to address one’s weaknesses and strengthen one in these areas. HSM acknowledges this aspect of the students development process, and due emphasis is accorded to inculcating as well as fine-tuning these sills in the students besides sensitizing them thoroughly with the Dos and DON’Ts of a GD.