Commitment / Responsibility

The Hyderabad School of Management is committed to providing quality professional education by adopting the best and proven practices and principles of management education while duly recognizing our responsibility and accountability to the society in general, and to the students, parents, and the industry for reposing their faith in our capability to sincerely and honestly facilitating the creation of some of the most accomplished and industry-ready graduates, every year. We will constantly strive to ultimately shape HSM as a ‘Center of Excellence,’ with commitment and dedication, through quality education, interactive learning technologies, and industry-academia interface. Values and ethics are, and will continue to be, the drivers of the teaching system at HSM all through the course of the learning process.

The management of the institute is in the hands of a Governing Board made up of the trustees of the Hyderabad Education Trust. Headed by the Chairman, the Board consists of representatives of drawn from different fields including academics, administration, management and information technology, as well as eminent industrialists to highly qualified educationists and technocrats.

Dr. Iqbal Ahmed (Chairman), B.E, MS LLB (USA), MCJ, (Ph. D)

Dr. Iqbal Ahmed is a well-known personality in Hyderabad, acknowledged for his contribution to the field of development, and has been serving the social cause through various roles and capacities. Apart from serving as the Chairman of both Hyderabad Education Trust as well as Hyderabad School of Management, he performs his role of a social worker and an activist through his association with many NGOs and developmental organizations. He is also associated with various other organizations such as Centre for Peace and True Message (President), All India Milli Council of India (General Secretary), Almahad Ul Aali Islami (Trustee), Elders Council of India (Member), World Orphanage Foundation (Member), and Bar Council of India (Member). Dr. Ahmed had an accomplished academic career encompassing engineering, a Masters (USA) and a Doctorate in Social Sciences.

He returned to India after many years of working as a Structural Engineer in the US and the Persian Gulf to take up work in the other areas that were close to his heart – social development and, welfare and upliftment of the poor in the society back in his country. Besides overseeing the activities of the Trust, and leading the HSM from the front, Dr. Ahmed is also active in social welfare programmes that help uplift the poor community by providing them with quality education to sustain themselves in this competitive time and age. His views on current affairs and politics are well-respected and, as a result, many seek his advice on various matters relating to the same. He is also a columnist for the Urdu Daily, Munsif, and regularly contributes thought-provoking articles for other newspapers too.

Mr. Syed Abu Taher

His domain is finance and, having worked for decades with a host of organizations that had a broad presence in many Gulf countries, his vast experience in the accounts department adds to the professional handling of affairs of the institution. He is currently one of the members of the Board of Directors of HSM. His involvement and pro-activeness have been the defining aspects in improving the standards set by Hyderabad School of Management.

Mr. Zafar Masood

He worked as the Area Manager of Lufthansa Airlines (Bahrain) and has received many accolades from the Airline company in recognition of his services to them, and aviation in general. After having worked at a managerial level for one of the leading international Airlines and gained enough expertise and insights into its functioning as well as his tryst with allied processes, his advice is much sought-after in the travel and tourism industry. Thus he brings his vast international experience and managerial expertise to the table for Hyderabad School of Management.

Mr. Salam Bawazir

This former Managing Director for Kohinoor Cements Ltd., is one of the prominent figures of Hyderabad who has been working for the upliftment of the underprivileged sections of the society, through his continuous and active involvement in various development programmes. Mr. Bawazir takes special interest in the day-to-day functioning of HSM by providing timely inputs and advice. He also, like many others, aims to guide this institution to greater heights.

Dr. Sohail Ahmed Salman

A doctor (MD) by profession, Dr. Salman has also worked as an Assistant Professor with the Deccan College of Medical Sciences besides assuming additional responsibility as a Consultant for Internal Medicine with Image Hospitals. He has been instrumental in organizing various Health Camps for the poor -in association with various hospitals. Although, he currently resides in Canada he actively keeps a watch on the developments at the institution, and pursues all the matters related to its development and offers his precious advice and guidance when warranted.

Mr. Nayeemuddin

He is the CEO of a trading house by the name Engineering Exports. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineer, and has worked as Procurement Manager -as also in a couple of other capacities- for Saudi Transformers during his long association with the company. Then, trusting his own technical expertise in the electrical field and, banking on the experience gained from his stint at Saudi Transformers, he pursued his own calling and established, ‘Engineering Exports,’ which has flourished great folds. He is a shining example of successful entrepreneurship, and shares his knowledge and experience with the young minds at HSM who aspire to attain similar objectives in their lives.

Mr. Sohaib Ahmed Irfan (Managing Director)

He has completed B.E ECE from OU pursued higher studies from Esteemed University in UK. Having studied abroad, his efforts for the growth and success of HSM are driven by the passion to incorporate the latest and most modern teaching methodologies and practices adopted in various institutions of the developed world, into HSM’s current system.

Mr. Syed Isthiaq Ahmed

He has completed B.Tech from JNTU and pursued higher studies from Australia. He is the Director of the Hyderabad Educational Trust and actively pursues daily activities of the Hyderabad School of Management. His ultimate objective is to provide students a profoundly enriching academic experience during their time at HSM.


Mr. Syed Azmathullah

One of the founders of the institution, he brings in his vast experience of many fields in the public domain from having worked in government administrations as an IAS officer for several decades. He has been contributing his bit for the betterment of our society, and is actively involved in many social welfare programmes. His experience and guidance have helped Hyderabad School of Management stand firm and progress in its aim of delivering quality graduates to various companies who seek outstanding managerial prospects.