Social awareness

HSM firmly believes that for students to learn and thrive in a campus environment, it is critical for them to feel at home without being impeded by any physical or mental discomfort whatsoever. But, it is often found that this freedom and comfort is compromised by the freakishness of some wanton practices (ragging) adopted by senior students in educational institutions elsewhere. This is a phenomenon that, of late, has become unhealthy to the point of being disastrous for the students and their families, and is really a cause for concern. As a pro-active and responsible group, the management of HSM has initiated steps to curb such behavior among its students through regular off-syllabus interaction and counselling sessions, resulting in the number of incidences coming to almost nil. The point that is driven home is instead of ostracizing the juniors by putting them through discomfort, one should endeavour to adopt constructive social engagement with them.

Students are always encouraged to adopt as well as propagate use of eco-friendly items through a series of go-green campaigns undertaken in association with environmental NGOs and social-interest groups. Also, within the campus itself, everyone – students, teachers, visitors, management, and the support staff has been exhorted to refrain from adopting practices that are even remotely not eco-friendly. As a matter of practice, use of glasses and other consumables made of recycled paper, preferring electronic version of documents and collateral to the print version -to the extent possible, and concerted efforts to reduce waste emphasizing on the fact that there is no such thing as an aside in this world which can be continuously used as the dump-yard, and so on, have become the rules-of-the-thumb – so to say- of HSM campus environment.