About Us

Hyderabad School of Management (HSM) was established in 1998 under the aegis of the Hyderabad Education Trust to impart quality management education, and to contribute in fostering research in the field of professional education. The ultimate aim was to provide a reservoir of market-ready professional managers to meet the ever-increasing needs of the industry-driven Indian economy that was in a transitional phase in the era of globalization that spurred aggressive economic activity in many developed as well as emerging economies which, in turn, revolutionized changes in the way businesses approach the dynamics of a market economy.

HSM has been playing its part in all of this by providing an ideal learning environment that is most conducive for the young, ambitious, and techno-savvy minds of the country to build their successful careers in the field of management. It has positioned itself in the sphere of professional education in India as an institution that thrives on designing courses, syllabi, and teaching methodologies that are in tune with the requirements of the changing times heralded by globalization while still being rooted to the age-old principles of learning. It has delivered the goods by providing top-notch professionals to the industry, besting its efforts every time by focusing on innovation as well as constantly reinventing and modeling itself to be upto speed with the latest global trends and practices.

Forging partnerships, and effecting synergies with organizations to engage the students with the business community in frequent exchange of ideas, requirements, and contemplation of future possibilities to address the problem of practicum-deficit thereby enhancing their employability, have been the hallmarks of HSM’s journey from being one more business school to becoming a primary destination for MBA aspirants in South India. It is on the strength of the work it has done in propagating management education with a penchant for excellence and constant innovation in the teaching methodology that HSM enjoys wide support and patronage of recruiters from all sections of the industry.

Our world-class infrastructure, highly accomplished faculty, motivated students’ community, and constructive interaction with the industry have seen us emerge as one of the best institutes for management education in Southern India.