Student Development activities

Sports and cultural activities

Like in any nurturing programme, we also attach significant importance to sports and cultural activities to supplement academic intellect and business acumen, which helps in the overall personality development of the students. Hence, the management ensures that this crucial area of student life gets the time and space it deserves by encouraging students to participate in sports and cultural activities by conducting sporting and cultural events from time to time which give the students an opportunity to express themselves in these areas too. They are also encouraged to participate in events conduct outside HSM campus thus also facilitating greater fraternal interaction.

HSM has a very deep-rooted sporting culture which is continuously kept alive with the conduct of sports competitions at the campus. Students very actively participate in various indoor as well as outdoor games such as table-tennis, caroms, chess, volleyball, badminton, football, cricket, basketball, etc.

The Annual Day, Independence Day & Republic Day celebrations during which the students give speeches and indulge in interactive sessions, in addition to the Freshers and Farewell parties, give the students a platform to express themselves as well as experience the cultural aspects of learning.